Profile: Stuart Smythe’s Electric Lala Land

“…that which disallows the resonance of our earthly cries; catering to the quintessence of many rather than the wants of few…”

This piece was constructed for Stuart Smythe’s solo exhibition, titled Electric Lala Land, hosted at the Deus Ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu, Bali. The concept was based on tying the overall tone and resonance of the show into three components: the artworks, the profile piece, as well as a live band.

Electric LaLa Land is Smythe’s depiction of a world guided by scrambled frequencies. His artworks are bold counter reflections of the bluntly structured existence we have voluntarily adopted, symbolising the need for a change away from the trappings of a self-obsessed, habitual world of modern men and rotten cores.

Smythe’s long-standing relationship with the ocean and the mystical lands yonder lends a platform from which he observes the contrasts of a world at odds with itself. When influenced by impure motives, the meaning of purpose and the weight of existence are questioned.

Electric LaLa Land is Smythe’s visual inquiry into our electric world and our interactions within its field,  increasing awareness of the shifts in paradigms away from that which disallows the resonance of our earthly cries; catering to the quintessence of many rather than the wants of few and allowing us to come to grips with the impurity of the falsities that we idolize, examining the polarity of our senses.

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