Interview: Love Child Grooves (now known as Mar Haze)

“When he did the headstand one of the strings went into the power box and it blew up…” – Kane Charles


This interview was conducted the morning after Chris Kelly’s 21st birthday. Due to triple distilled circumstances, we couldn’t round up the whole band as at the time they were dispersed across the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We did manage to keep hold of the bass (Chris Kelly), as well as the keys (Kane Charles). Here’s a mixture of Q&A’s salvaged the morning after the storm, with just a touch of silly-ness that made this the funniest interview I’ve ever conducted.

Tell me about yourselves, how did you start, who plays what, and how long have you been together?

Chris: Um, so what was the question?

Kane: We all went to JMC Music Uni together, so we met there. I made the first move on Slongy (Chris Long a.k.a The Drummer) and that’s how it started. He was from Forster and I was from Port Macquarie.

Chris: Things were destined to happen.

Kane: Yeah he looked me in the eyes, gave me his creepy smile that he is so popular for and it was on. We used to jam and then he was like, “I’ve got a mate named Dingo,” (Dean Mitchell a.k.a The Lead Singer and Guitarist) and that’s when Dean came in. We played around for a while and he said that we need a bass player and I said I knew this piece of shit haha. (Chris Kelly aka The Bass Player)

Chris: Then that all the requirements were met, everything came together really nicely.

So how long have you guys been together for now?

Chris: Since 2008, so two years.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had thrown at you on stage?

Kane: We haven’t really had anything thrown at us, but we used to do these crazy antics in one of our songs. Dean would do a headstand while playing the guitar and the one time he didn’t trim the strings at the end of his neck. When he did the headstand one of the strings went into the power box and it blew up in this Jacks Bar and Grill place! Ha-ha! All the power went out and we were standing there trying to play and nothing was happening. Dean was still standing on his head and with no lights on or anything. The owner was like, “What the fuck!”

Chris: Yeah a spark went off and he said that he felt an electric shock in his hand ha-ha; he’s lucky he didn’t die! He’s like, “Yeah it shocked me through my hand!”

Haha, I can’t speak to you guys, you’re destroying me. This isn’t an interview, this is Sesame Street.

Chris: What about the one time when we played at the Manly Fisho’s and forgot all the choruses and verses to all our songs?

Kane: Yeah your French mate! He took us out for a drink before we played. It was this hectic French shit or something. We went to my van and had a bit each. Then while we were playing the first song Dean completely forgot the lyrics ha-ha. He just turned around and started swearing at Slongy.

Chris: Slongy kept saying, “Dude there’s another verse!” And Dean’s like, “No fuck off! That’s the next song!” Ha-ha.

Kane: Chris and I just kept playing, looking at each other smiling, pissed out of our minds.

Who gets the girls?

Kane: Slongy lately. He never used to. I’m just a nice guy. I just try to be a nice guy to everyone.

Chris: You’re like the gentleman of the band.

Kane: I am the gentleman of the band. I treat my woman with respect. I don’t spit on anyone.

What are your guys’ comments on the music industry?

Kane: It’s pretty shit at the moment.

Chris: It’s weird because there are so many different places such as Melbourne, Gold Coast and Sydney, which all have their different types of music and bands.

Kane: And piece of shit bands like us never get any money or anything. It’s always just free loading trying to get your name out there.

Who writes the lyrics? Where do you get your inspiration?

Kane: We all sort of write the lyrics and the music now. We sit down and work off a riff and just go from there. Before that, Slongy would just sit on the bus and write. Some lyrics were so stupid. Dean and I would just pick out the good bits.

Are you guys signed?

Chris: Not at the moment. It’s really competitive, but as mentioned before we’re just working at getting our name out there and hopefully all goes well.


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